A Love Letter from God

Last night I went to a prayer group and God really showed himself. A heavy spirit of worship and prayer was poured out over our group. God is so awesome. I began to write what I felt the Lord was speaking and I found that He gave me a beautiful love letter to his children, so I wanted to share with you.

“God is a jealous God. He seeks after you with a viciousness. He stops at nothing. Nothing can stop him. He walks through the fire and the storm to rescue you. There is no one or nothing that can stop him. God is angry when the devil comes against you. He stops at nothing to rescue you. He seeks after your enemies with vengeance. Once God has freed you, you can never be trapped again, and He becomes righteously angry when the devil seeks to entrap you. God will stop at nothing to destroy your enemy.

God loves you fiercely. It is in that love that he desires you. In that love he seeks you.  In that love he knows you. In that love he rescues you.

You call out to your father in times which look and feel like defeat, and He reaches down and reveals you are never defeated. He is always in control.

No one can attack a child of the King and walk away. Your God will seek and have his vengeance.

Your God will supply all your needs. He will walk through the fire. He will carry you through the fire and take you to the resting place.

He heals your wounds and makes you better than before.

He is a mighty warrior fighting for the freedom of his children.

He is your covering. He is your shield. He stops every poisonous arrow. He takes the weapon out of the hand of the enemy’s hands and crushes them in your honor.

God sens the Bears after the people who come against his children. He is all powerful and all controlling. He is never defeated.

We say NO to: discouragement, disappointment, rejection, depression, hopelessness, faithlessness, hatred, lying /liars, anxiety, destruction, and fear.

We say YES to: Your love, Your acceptance, Your faithfulness, Your adoption, Your word, Your truth, and Your timing.

He seeks you and He finds you. He pours his love out on you. He heals your wounds and makes you better than before. He cleanses you. He shows you truth. He teaches you, and He sends you out.

He is re-creating you. He is bringing you back to the beginning, back to purity, back to your innocence. Before there was pain, before there were wounds. He is re-creating you.”

I hope this speaks to someone the way it spoke to me. God loves you so much and He desires to show you that every minute of every day.




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