Dear Mom

I can’t let Mother’s Day pass without talking about my mom, and there just isn’t enough room on one Facebook post for me to say all that I need to say….

Dear Mom,

I wish that I could just take all these thoughts and emotions I have and dump them into your heart and brain, because I just don’t think words are enough. But I will do my best, and you’ll just have to know that the words I write still aren’t adequate.

First, Mom….you are so beautiful. You shine so bright with the love of Jesus. It just radiates off of you, and people are so drawn to that. I am so blessed that I get to be your daughter because you direct so much of that love towards me. You show me everyday what its like to be loved by Jesus because that’s exactly how you love me. The essence of who you are is so beautiful. You care so much about people, especially your family. You heart is so compassionate and tender. Shane and I are so blessed that we can call you mom. We are so blessed that we spent the first 9 months of our life in a temple of the Holy Spirit, and that ever since the moment you knew we existed you loved us and prayed for us. No one prays for me like you do. No one goes to the throne for me more than you, and you will never understand how much I appreciate that. I feel your prayers always. If all you ever did was love me it would be more than enough, but thats just not who you are…you do so much more.

Second, You are the best friend I have ever had. Not only do you love me, but you like me. You want to spend time with me, and you always make me a priority. There are no words for how that has helped turn me into the person I am today. I rely on our time together so much. I draw so much strength from you and dad, you’ll just never know. I wouldn’t trade anything for our shopping trips, beach trips, countless pedicures, hours of phone calls, and even the times where we just watch Parenthood on Netflix because you are the only person who understands what that show does to me. Thank you. Thank you for liking the parts of me that people say are wrong. Thank you for always encouraging me and supporting me to be exactly who God made me to be. I couldn’t do it without you.

Third, You hold me accountable and I love it. Thank you for always pointing me to Jesus. Thank you for always making me be accountable for the choices I make and loving me through all the good ones and all the bad ones. Thank you for pushing me, and forcing me to stand on my own two feet. Its the best thing you and dad ever did for me, and it’s because of that I am able to walk through whatever comes my way. I always knew you were there if I fell, and you were always cheering me on.

Lastly, I need to say I’m sorry. I need to apologize for all the times I was in such a dark place and took it out on you. You will never know how much I wish I could smack my teenage self for hurting you. Because mom, you are my greatest gift straight from Jesus. I know Jesus loves me because He gave me you and dad. I don’t know two better people. I don’t know two better parents, pastors, grandparents, etc. You both shine so bright in everything you do, and its because you walk so close with Jesus. There is no greater gift you could give me than the example you both set.

So Mom, I hope that this Mother’s Day you feel so cherished, honored, and loved because no one deserves it more than you. I love you to the stars.


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