Let’s go for a Run

Let me make myself VERY clear.


I can lift weights all day, but you ask me to run or do some skaters and I am OUT. I hate it. I have heard people talk about endorphins while you run, but all I get is heavy breathing and the need to puke. Therefore, this is a task I usually avoid. However, God in all His “humor” LOVES to speak to me in really profound ways while I run. I always get my clearest revelations in one of two ways…running or fasting. Its really awesome that God likes to talk to me while my physical body feels like it is about to give up right then and die.

But I guess thats the point. I mean Paul did tell us to die everyday…so thanks Jesus for taking that so literal when it comes to me.

Anyway, I had a really good weekend. God really showed me how much He loves me this weekend. And it was just in the little things. I have this really awesome porch that I have been wanting a table for because now that the weather is awesome I want to spend my mornings on my porch eating breakfast and doing my devotional. Well I am 23 which means I have no extra money to spend on anything that isn’t a bill of some sort. So needless to say I was going to thrift stores, checking online yard sales, craigslist, etc. for a cheap table to put on my porch. I spent all day Saturday looking for a table and I found NOTHING. Well I saw a few things, but $325.00 was a little outside the $50.00 budget. Well I was at the last place I was going to stop looking around when a friend called and said, “My mom has a table she wants to give you for your porch.”

You read that right….GIVE you. As in, FREE. As a 23 year old, single, broke chick..I LOVE free. I was so unbelievably grateful. Jesus is just so good. He is teaching me to be so thankful for all the little things He does, and I love looking for them each day.

Anyway, I woke up this morning so excited to eat breakfast on my porch with my new table. I did my devotional and loved every freaking second. Its magical. Then I heard the Lord tell me it was time to run….Awesome. So I started my run, and everything was going okay until about half way through. Then the dying process began.

So as I am running, the wind really starts picking up, and its blowing against me. So I start praying something like this…”hey Jesus. Could you tone the wind down a bit? I already feel like death is upon me and the resistance isn’t helping any. K thanks.” So what happens….wind gets stronger. So I say something like this….”Hey Jesus. Not sure if you heard me the first time, so I will repeat…CHILL WITH THE WIND.”

And do you know what His response was?

“Katie. This run is a lot like your life. There have been many times when the wind comes, and it’s not easy, but I have always been there giving you the strength you need to keep going. Those times in your life…I am using them to refine you. I am using them to mold you into the person I know you can be. The woman that will walk fully in her calling and purpose. The wind isn’t fun, but its so necessary for all the wonderful things I have planned for you. Just trust me, and keep running.”

And the mic drop goes to Jesus.

I have no words for that except thanks Jesus. Thanks for showing up. Thanks for always being there. I couldn’t do it without you.

I want to encourage all of you. The wind is going to come, and its going to be hard. But keep going. Jesus is going to heal you and mold you in the midst of the wind because He loves you more than you will ever understand.




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