We Have This Hope

Hope – the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.

Hope is something we all crave. To not have hope is life threatening. People put guns to their head because they have no hope that their life will ever improve. Hopelessness is so dangerous.

The facts are this: if you live in this world and you look around at all the events happening you don’t have much to hope for. People are dying everyday and its through murder and terrorism. No one can get along, and you can’t talk without offending someone.

Let me be clear. This post is not about my opinions regarding what is going on in the world. My opinion doesn’t matter.

What matters is Jesus. The only thing that matters is Jesus. Because let me tell you, HE is all we’ve got left.

Disregarding the turmoil surrounding us…life is hard sometimes. Just your own personal life has so many trials. Just being in your own head and managing your own thoughts is hard work, and the only way you are going to beat it is with Jesus.

I was talking to a friend last night about our world, and the reminder that this is not my home poured over me yet again. Because here is the deal: Satan himself could become President of the World and it still won’t be enough. Jesus won, and I fight FROM victory not to victory.

I have the HOPE that is Jesus.

So the enemy can rain hell down on this place, and Jesus still wins. Jesus always wins, and He gives you His win.

I think if we knew how much power and authority we really have, we would blow our own minds. We definitely wouldn’t be afraid.

When I finally discovered what I could do through the power of Jesus, going up against the enemy became one of my favorite things to do. Because when we finally start to face some of these evils with the power Jesus has given us, we get to see people set free! And that is one of the best feelings in the world.

We have Jesus, and Jesus is the only answer for the world.

The real Jesus. The one that loves unconditionally beyond comprehension. The Jesus that desires beautiful intimacy with everyone. The Jesus that will walk any road to see someone restored. That Jesus is our hope, and it is an anchor for the soul.






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