Perseverance with a Capital P

“Perseverance is a fruit of the Spirit (capital “S” Spirit) which means the devil doesn’t have it. Sometimes you don’t overcome the devil, you just wear his butt out.”

That is a really great quote. It is a really great concept, and it is really inspirational. I heard it the first time a few days ago, and it really pumped me up. And that lasted about 4 hours, and I was back to feeling so defeated. Life is not easy sometimes, and some days it seems like the devil and all his minions are winning and you can’t do anything about it. These times are particularly hard for me because I’m a fighter. I am always game to wage war on the devil, and demolish any plans he may be cooking up. I am super stubborn and don’t give up easy. I’m a fighter…until I’m not. I’m a fighter, until I’m the only one fighting, and then it all begins to seem a little hopeless. It is so easy for me to get to the place where I am tired of fighting, and want to lose hope. Where I want to curl up in my bed, forget everything, and lose myself in a world of books and Netflix.

But here is the truth. Because the truth sets you free. The truth is, I am never alone. The truth is, Jesus has already won every. single. battle I will ever face. The truth is, since I have Jesus, I have all the hope I will ever need.

H. Jackson Browne said, “In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins – not through strength but by perseverance.”  And everything about this is true. The truth is, Jesus has already worked out this situation. He already has the solution, and is working on my behalf so it all works out for my good. My responsibility is to trust. I think sometimes our perseverance is more about learning to never stop trusting more than it is to never stop doing a certain activity. My trust in Jesus will always conquer the plans of the enemy.

Be comforted my friends, Jesus is on it. Your needs are top priority. He loves you more than you can imagine or think. Just trust him.




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