To 25 and Beyond

I really love birthdays. I don’t just love my own birthday, but I really love other people’s birthdays too. I think they are such special days, and a really big deal. This is probably why I used to force my family to celebrate my birthday the entire month of August, and throw me like 4 parties. It was really dramatic, but such is my life.

Anyway, I love birthdays even more the closer I get to Jesus. I have found that Jesus really likes significant events, and if I can tap into what He is saying, He will give me a word for that event. So Sunday night I was at bible study and I asked God for a word about my 25th year of life – immediately I saw a picture of a rainbow, and I felt Him tell me this was a year of promises. Then I really felt like the number 25 was significant so I asked my wonderful mentor Lorri what 25 means – well 25 is equal to 5 times 5, and 5 means great grace. So 25 is great great grace! Overall what I was able to come up with is Jesus was trying to show me that 25 is a year for great promises and great grace! And I don’t know about you, but I will take that any day of the week.

Birthdays are really special and my people sure know how to do special. I am convinced I have all the best people on the planet in my tribe. Every single one of you who left me a Facebook message, sent a text message, called, or mailed a card – I was so touched by every single one.

Jonathan really came through, as always! Y’all – he is the best gift giver. He picks out the best stuff and puts so much thought into it. Just the other day I was feeling pretty crappy from sinuses, and I was boiling water in a pot to make hot tea. I randomly made the comment that I needed a tea pot, and how fun it would be to have one that whistled. Well of course, he comes through with a tea pot that whistles and I am IN LOVE. It’s the little things, let me live and drink my hot tea because I am actually 80 and I don’t care! That wasn’t the only gift he gave me, but it was my absolute favorite because it meant he was listening.

My parents drove up to Birmingham for the evening, and y’all if they brought nothing with them and bought me nothing while they were here it still would’ve been the best gift ever. The older I get the more I absolutely adore spending time with them. They are two of my most favorite people. We spent the evening laughing, and telling stories about raising a strong-willed baby Katie. For all you parents out there raising strong-willed kids with fire in their bellies – BLESS YOU. You are the real MVP’s. We are tough but we are strong! Jonathan chauffeured all of us around Birmingham, and they bought me pots and pans because, again, I’m 80 and it’s fine. I love the pots and pans, but the time was priceless and I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything.

I could go on and on about this day, and how wonderful it has been, but I don’t have enough time and you don’t want to read that much. All I can say is I’m so thankful. Every single one of you make my life better.

Most of all, I’m thankful for Jesus. It’s been said I dive in head first to everything I do, and I hope I always dive head first into Jesus. I never want to spend one day without Him, and I want to run after all He is with every cell in my body. Always chase Jesus my friends, with everything you have, because He is all you will ever need.




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