Why then?

I read a book a few months ago that brought up an interesting fact. The book talked about how God could have chosen anytime in history to return and save the world. He could’ve chosen now – when the death penalty is executed through lethal injection. He could’ve come to earth when be-headding was popular or hanging. Those seem like quick deaths. But here’s the thing – Jesus chose to come back when crucifixion was the most popular way to kill someone.

Crucifixion is the absolute worst way to die – physically. Its drawn out, and your body slowly shuts down and you suffocate. Plus, Jesus had been brutally beaten, whipped until he was unrecognizable. He was nailed to a cross through His hands and feet, and left to hang and die until His organs shut down and He could no longer breath.

Jesus chose to come to earth during this time. He chose to come when His death would be brutal. He chose to come when humanity was at its worst.

God chose to respond to our absolute worst with His absolute best. 

Jesus was the absolute best gift God had to offer. It was the absolute best response He had, and He gave that response to our absolute worst – the cross.

The cross is the power of grace. Because the cross wasn’t beautiful. It was a torture device, and now we put it on our walls and wear it around our necks. Why? Because God added Jesus to the equation and Jesus made it beautiful.

Thats what grace does. When you add grace to broken things, Jesus makes them beautiful.

I’m so thankful this easter that God added grace to my brokenness and made it beautiful. I’m thankful His power didn’t stop at the cross, and His changing grace didn’t end at the resurrection.

Remember friends, Jesus always responds with His best – even to your worst.



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