Don’t Forget

This morning I woke up and was headed to church for an event we have once a month called Encounter Rooms. This is basically a time for anyone in the community to come and receive prayer or encouragement for whatever they might need. I was scheduled to serve so I had to be there early.

I was driving to the church and listening to my worship music. The song, “Over All I Know” by Vertical Worship came on and I was struck during the chorus when it says:

“No higher name, no greater throne – You’re the God over all I know”

I was reminded that my God is the most powerful being in the universe and He has all the power.

As I was struck with that truth, God so sweetly reminded me with this,

“Katie, we’re so close. I love how close we are. Don’t forget how powerful I am. Don’t forget that you can access my power whenever you need it.”

Sometimes when you get really close to someone it’s easy to forget the influence or power they have because they are your family or your friend. You don’t see their influence or their power, you just see them.

This is kind of how my relationship with God has gotten, and I’m not saying this is a bad thing. I actually think this is where God wants me. We’re so close. He’s my Father. But sometimes I get so caught up in how close we are, and Him being my Father that I forget how much power He actually holds.

It was such a sweet reminder because He never condemns me. He was just reminding me of what I can access when I need it, and today I needed to access His power so that people could be healed and set free at our Encounter Rooms.

So I want to remind you – God is your Father. He desires so much intimacy with you. He wants to be the closest influence to your heart. And He happens to be the most powerful being in the universe. So you just hit the jackpot.

Don’t forget how powerful your dad is my friends. Don’t forget that He moves mountains, breaks chains, creates ways when there weren’t any, heals, brings back to life, restores, whatever you need – that’s what He does.

And He is so happy to do it for you.



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