Even In This

We all have them. Those situations that make us feel like our heart is being ripped out. The situation there is no solution to right now. The one you want so badly to fix, but there isn’t anything you can do about it.

You already have it in your head don’t you?

A few weeks ago I was driving to Atlanta and I was talking to Jesus. I had been dealing with one of those situations, and I was feeling really discouraged. I was asking God to intervene and crying out again. Asking Him why we had to keep going around this circle over and over. Trying to reconcile in my mind why He won’t just fix it.

But as always – He is teaching me to trust Him just a little deeper.

I was playing my worship music and going on my soapbox, when He asked me this:

“Katie, won’t you trust me…even in this?”

It was the last 3 words that broke me down. The “even in this” – because I realized that still  I was putting boundaries on my trust. I was still trying to control this one thing. I was still trying to fix it so I wouldn’t have to be afraid. I was still trying to maintain a little control, and that isn’t what He’s asking of me.

God was asking me to allow Him to tear down another wall. To rip apart another lie. He was asking me to not allow fear to creep in because His love is the cure.

Here’s the deal: You don’t have to know whats coming. You don’t have to know the solution to the problem. You don’t have to know how it all works out. All you have to know is that Jesus is already there. He’s always been there. There is security in that. There is safety in that. There is peace in that.

There is a song called “You Came” by Jonathan David and Melissa Hesler. It’s one of my favorite songs because it says, “You came….I knew that you would come”

I’m not a crier, but I tear up every time I hear – I knew that you would come.

I don’t know the solution to your situation. I don’t know how God is going to intervene or what brave steps He will guide you to take.

But here’s what I do know:

Even in this, you can trust that He will come. He always comes. And when Jesus shows up – things change.

Friends, be encouraged. He is good. He is patient. He is pursuing you. He is kind. He can be trusted….even in this.



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