Believing in Bold Faith

Find an inspirational quote and write what it means to you.

That was my writing prompt for today.

I’m trying to write more, so I’m using daily prompts. I know. There is grace for this.

So, I went to Pinterest, because where else does one find inspirational quotes, and the first one listed was it. Thank you Jesus.

“She will be known for the boldness of her faith in Jesus.”

This will be my legacy – bold faith in Jesus.

Believing that He will come through every time.

Believing that no circumstance is too big or impossible.

Believing that nothing intimidates Him & He meets me in my faith.

Believing that He is who He says He is & that victory is ours.

Believing that goodness and mercy prevail & He is love in its pure form.

Believing He is always near and doesn’t run from hard things.

Believing He is all I need & the best and only option I have.

Believing He found me first & wants me just as I am.

Believing I am a beloved daughter who was always chosen.


Guess this writing prompt stuff ins’t so bad.

Friends, you were always chosen. It was always you for Him and always will be. Don’t let anything get in the way of how loved and chosen you are to Him.

He always has been and always will be – smiling in your direction.

He is not disappointed, angry, upset, or scared.

His face is shining upon you, and His love is surrounding you. You are His and He is yours. Always and forever.



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