Becoming A Daughter

You have probably seen posts on Facebook recently about National Daughters Day. I’m not convinced this is a real holiday, but its sweet and I like seeing people give a shout out to their kids publicly. I think the world needs a little more of that these days. The posts got me thinking though about being a daughter and what exactly that means. First of all in order to be a daughter you need a mother and a father. I’ve been a daughter for 29 years now to the best mother and father this world had to offer, but I’ve only been a mother for 7 weeks. Big difference.

My son does this thing when he’s hungry which is screaming. He screams at the top of his lungs as soon as his stomach tells his brain that it needs food. There is no small progression of cries – it’s just immediate screams. J and I have a joke that he is screaming because he is convinced we will never feed him again even though every time he has cried for food, since he was born, we have fed him. Every single time. He has never in his entire 7 weeks of life, gone without. Never. However, even though we have proven to him that he can trust us to take care of him, he still screams. I was thinking about this yesterday and immediately heard the Holy Spirit say, “Katie, how many times do you still scream about what you need even though I have come through every time?” Oops. I do the a lot. I am in fact a lot like my 7 week old son. I am convinced that even though Jesus has come through every time, this will be the time He doesn’t. What a terrible lie.

When it comes to my 7 week old son needing to eat, I do almost everything for him to eat. I fix the bottle, I put it in his mouth, I hold the bottle while he eats, I do most of the work. However, I can’t eat it for him. I can’t put the milk in his stomach for him – he has to receive what I am offering. This is the other thing about being a daughter – I have to be the one to receive what He is offering. Jesus can’t do that part for me. He does a lot of the work. He’s already done it, but He won’t force me to drink.

Here is what I am learning about being a daughter – I have to be a good at receiving. I have to stop trying to do all the work, and start receiving what He is trying to give me. I have to believe that He will continue to come through and provide just as He always has. I have to accept that things probably won’t look the way I thought they should (theme of my life these days), but that He is still good and can be trusted. See, I have tasted the goodness of God so trusting is an easy yes.

Be good receivers friends. Let go of your expectations and just receive what He is trying to give you. It’s living water and you will never thirst again.



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