About Me

My name is Katie. I grew up in Phenix City, Alabama as the daughter of Rodney and Debbie and the granddaughter of Bill and Charlotte and Leonard and Marilyn. I had an amazing childhood. I went to college in Lakeland, Florida and currently live in Birmingham, AL where I met the love of my life,... Continue Reading →

To 25 and Beyond

I really love birthdays. I don't just love my own birthday, but I really love other people's birthdays too. I think they are such special days, and a really big deal. This is probably why I used to force my family to celebrate my birthday the entire month of August, and throw me like 4... Continue Reading →

Hey Dad

So it's your birthday, and a simple Facebook post just doesn't seem adequate enough. Nothing really seems adequate enough. As I grow up and see how some people grow up in such brokenness I am eternally grateful for the way you raised me. I'm eternally grateful that you were present for my life, and that... Continue Reading →

Dear Mom

I can't let Mother's Day pass without talking about my mom, and there just isn't enough room on one Facebook post for me to say all that I need to say.... Dear Mom, I wish that I could just take all these thoughts and emotions I have and dump them into your heart and brain,... Continue Reading →

At A Loss

Today I lost my grandfather. He was 85 years old, and he loved his family. It was time. We all knew it was coming, and honestly its for the best. He suffered, and we never wanted that for him. When things become difficult I have always turned to writing to help me process. A few... Continue Reading →

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