Daddy Don’t Work

My parents are pastors, and there is a deacon in our church who tells me a story about myself from when I was about 3. He says he asked me if my dad was at work, and I looked at him and said "Daddy don't work" - I laugh every time and my dad just... Continue Reading →

All I Do Is Win

About 2 months ago I started having these awful headaches. My head was hurting every single day, and on some days I could barely open my eyes. I would take Excedrin like it was candy, and nothing could relieve it. One Thursday morning I woke up because I was going on 14 hours straight of... Continue Reading →

Don’t get Squashed

Monday night I was so upset. I have been working since July to grow squash and zucchini. Now, I live in an apartment so Jonathan built me this awesome plant box for my veggies, and the box sits on my porch. Well about a week ago I noticed that my squash plant was having some... Continue Reading →

Perseverance with a Capital P

"Perseverance is a fruit of the Spirit (capital "S" Spirit) which means the devil doesn't have it. Sometimes you don't overcome the devil, you just wear his butt out." That is a really great quote. It is a really great concept, and it is really inspirational. I heard it the first time a few days... Continue Reading →

Build Your Wall

So, what do you do when someone comes to tell you the walls of your hometown have been destroyed? Well if you are Nehemiah you go rebuild them. I think this is a big reason why I like Nehemiah. He’s a problem solver, and he acts. How many times do we see people identify problems,... Continue Reading →

Where is your safe place?

I think people are so interesting. I am fascinated by the behavior of humans, even my own. Something I have noticed about us is that all of us have a safe place. Its essential. We have to have somewhere to go when life gets hard. And we are so desperate for a sustainable safe place,... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Trenches

I like to refer to ministry, or at least the ministry I find myself in, as the trenches. Why? Because it feels like I'm in the trenches of an awful war, and well I guess that is exactly where we are. No matter what we think, we are in a war. And the war is... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Work For You

We all have a boss. We all have people who are over us. They oversee what we do, they hold us accountable to our responsibilities, and they keep us moving. I have had really great bosses, and I have had really horrible bosses. The really good bosses motivate you to keep going, they encourage you,... Continue Reading →

Everything I Want

About a month ago I was at a church service, and my pastor made a statement that I had been pondering on for about 2 years. He said this simple phrase, "God is FOR you." Now if you are like me, you hear this and you go "Yeah, God is for me. Ultimately He wants... Continue Reading →

It’s All Good

Feburary 2014 I moved to Birmingham for one reason. It wasn't the right reason. It was a painful reason. But that didn't matter. Because Jesus is so good. My move to Birmingham became such a healing time for me. I have grown more in the past 2 1/2 years than any time in my life.... Continue Reading →

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