Back in January my grandfather passed, and at his funeral it was very evident what his legacy was: He loved people, and He pointed them to Jesus. That was what people remembered about him. For almost 2 hours person after person told us how my grandfather was so kind to them, how he loved so... Continue Reading →

You are Found

Lately I have been having a very difficult time. It seems like I get one problem resolved and 2 more come to take its place. Its a vicious cycle that seems to never end. God is constantly dealing with me about trusting Him, because its something I have to learn daily. Paul said he had... Continue Reading →

At A Loss

Today I lost my grandfather. He was 85 years old, and he loved his family. It was time. We all knew it was coming, and honestly its for the best. He suffered, and we never wanted that for him. When things become difficult I have always turned to writing to help me process. A few... Continue Reading →

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