Are You Ready for It?

One week from tomorrow I become a wife. I have waited and prayed for this day for a long time. I have watched my best friends have their moments, and stood there asking God why I was having to wait, and never really getting much of an answer. I remember wanting to find my person... Continue Reading →

Send Help

So Thursday morning I got up and went to work, and by Thursday night I was barely able to drive home because of fatigue. I went to the doctor and found out I was positive for the flu. Needless to say, my entire weekend was shot. I was supposed to hang out with a friend,... Continue Reading →

A Love Letter from God

Last night I went to a prayer group and God really showed himself. A heavy spirit of worship and prayer was poured out over our group. God is so awesome. I began to write what I felt the Lord was speaking and I found that He gave me a beautiful love letter to his children,... Continue Reading →

What is Worry?

"Worry is assuming a responsibility God never intended for you to have." I don't know about you, but I am a worrier. I worry about anything and everything, and if you let me I will worry about your problems just like I worry about mine. Its miserable. I am always in a state of survival.... Continue Reading →

Hello world!

God is so incredibly faithful. He surpasses all I can ever think, dream or imagine every day. This is a new thing for me...seeing God as faithful, seeing God as someone I can trust. Let me give you some back story as to why I say that. I grew up in church. I have great... Continue Reading →

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