All I Do Is Win

About 2 months ago I started having these awful headaches. My head was hurting every single day, and on some days I could barely open my eyes. I would take Excedrin like it was candy, and nothing could relieve it. One Thursday morning I woke up because I was going on 14 hours straight of an awful migraine. So I decided to go see my doctor. She gave me 2 shots, and told me I needed to see a neurologist. I slept that day and made my appointment with my neurologist. The headaches continued, and I became more and more defeated. I’ve walked through a depression, awful anxiety, and iron deficiency, but nothing has taken me out like these headaches. I’ve missed more work than I ever had in my life, and have been so exhausted all the time from the pain. I went last week and had an MRI, and I go back to the doctor this afternoon for the results.

Well yesterday I was letting my boss know about my appointment, and she looked at me and basically called me out for acting like a victim. And you know what…she was right. I haven’t even seen the results of the MRI and I was already walking around like I was defeated. But that was the lie. The enemy really wanted me to believe that there was no solution for this problem, and I was just going to suffer.

There is a rap song called “All I Do Is Win” and there is a line in that song that says, “I’ve never been defeated and I won’t start now” – that is the truth that Jesus speaks over us. I’ve never been defeated, and I won’t start now. So the results of this MRI don’t really matter. It can say there is nothing wrong, or it can say everything is wrong – doesn’t matter – because the truth is that I am MORE than a conqueror through Jesus. I walk in the authority I carry as a daughter of the King, and I am more loved and accepted in this moment than ever before.

Rest easy my friends, All Jesus does is WIN!



psalm 91

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